Monday, January 28, 2008

Death at the hands of a brother.

Write your Congress.. make a difference.


Death... as easy as pulling the trigger on a hand gun. It takes a second and a person's life can be altered forever or erased, as if they never existed. I never quite took a stance for or against the gun laws. Of course there is the Amendment the gun lobbyist will fight for " the right to bear arms." I don't know exactly how many people die by the means of a hand gun. I do know its one, to many. Reading the local newspaper there are so many stories of the death of young people, senseless crime that continues, when in a fit of anger one person aims a weapon at another.

I am not new to violence, I stood several times in my life beside, in front or behind the person who held a loaded gun. Several times I witnessed domestic abuse as the gun repeatedly went off, one parent aiming at another. I stood in a store where the clerk was shot and killed and then again for the second time, when I looked eye to eye at a stranger knowing he had a loaded gun with the intent to use it. I wish I could say that would be the last time I would personally have to face the violence head on. But then it came even closer to my family and like a bad nightmare I stood , knee high in snow with out shoes on pleading and begging a family member to put down the gun , please put down the gun. I thought of all the things I should say, I cried, I pleaded I begged and I screamed inside and out. A loaded gun, anger, frustration and in a moments time a family can be changed forever.
Recently two Robert Morris Students were killed and one seriously injured, there is no reasoning for it, it happened. 23-year-old Paul Visnansky chose to take another humans life. It goes on all the time. Yet I found this troubling, when arrested the killer said if he could have those 3 minutes back. You can't that is the big problem with guns, once the trigger is pulled your intent was to kill or at least maim . There is no reasoning, many factors could come into play, temper mental illness, drugs, alcohol , theft, the list is so long and none of it makes one bit of sense. You carry a gun you plan to use it.
What is a murder, who is a murder and what does a murder look like? As I see it anyone who carries a weapon is capable of murder, if not why would you carry it? What does a murder look like? they look you and I. What is a murder? It is a human being that chose to make a bad decision, they chose to end a life. The gun lobbyist will say guns are for self defense, yet we know that many owners of guns will become their own victims. People who hunt and target practice claim that handguns are a craft and a skill. I believe any weapon small enough to conceal makes all those around the gun carrier potential victims.
If our congressional leaders work for us, then why are they not amending the laws to protect the " we the people of the united states of America" I do believe in unity we are powerful, if one woman could take prayer which our country was founded on out of our school systems and out of our community at large, then we the people together can change the laws that put guns in the hands of our youth. Someone needs to take responsibility or we all need to take responsibility, for this is our country and we are a democracy and that does not mean making more rules that are not enforced, but enforcing rules that already exist.
The sixties was a troubling time, some saw it has a fight for freedom, but I don't quite see it that way. We the children of the sixties broke down barriers both good and bad. The rigid structure that came with the earlier years were replaced with rebellion and drugs became the expected norm that broke down the infrastructure of our community. People used to think that times were better when they were young, I don't see it that way. Each generation is carrying its own share of violence.
I am not sure why but I have faith in my God and in the people that we can and we will make a difference. Some say it will take the world in its most vulnerable state to bring us all together, to give us the insight to claim peace as our guide. I pray they are wrong and that we are much smarter then waiting for a world tragedy to teach us a lesson.

One Earth, One people, One Chance.

"Guns don't kill people kill",
but the wrong person behind the
hand of a gun will kill awfully fast.
Who is the wrong person and who
makes that judgement call?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

If my heart of paper, the scissors he command and
clip, cut, clip my heart now in his hands.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Prevention is a lot easier then trying to find a cure...

Friday, January 18, 2008

I find choice straddled between circumstances and selfishness, as the decisions reflect on all those who are somehow entwined by either the thread of opportunity or the web of deceit.

Monday, January 14, 2008


No sooner do you think you have reached up over the mountain to see beyond the horizon, then you meet with another mountain to climb.