Wednesday, March 26, 2008


You hear it all the time from every one in every walk of life,standing on the podium of life to preach peace. It is not enough to preach peace, one must live peace. Example is the greatest teacher. The adage "don't do as I do, do as I say" sets us up for failure, for it is the ultimate weakness, " not I" In these last couple of weeks I have felt the kindness of strangers and have seen how "actions do speak louder then words. "

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Indeed it is

Everything is relative!
- Will G. Miller
The dictionary defines relative as existing or having its specific nature only by relation to something else; not absolute or independent: Happiness is relative.
When your body is hotter than the water, you might say the water is cold, when your body is cooler than the water you might say the water feels hot. Is the water hot or cold? The temperature of the water never changes, the circumstances surrounding the touching of the water does.

I shall not run, nor escape for I am free

This is not directed at the victim but those who are likely to victimize. What initially causes one to lose ground with reality varies like everything in life many instigative factors. It is the limited thought process which cannot or will not accept the "what is". What are the solutions in controlling ones own outburst? First one must seek change, be willing to be better, expect better and fully respect those around us, it does not necessary mean we have to like everything we see but we must release ourselves from resentment and placing the ultimate label of blame.
We have heard that " Patience is a virtue" some of us instilled with more patience then others.
Most domestic abuse situations arise from the destructive pattern called anger. It is very own inner demons that impels us to release negativity upon those closest to us. What are the factors involved that hit the red button leading to violence. Each person needs to self analyze their actions, is alcohol and drugs contributing factors? or is the focusing of one's own failures that has us seeking to place blame by thus punishing and victimizing the innocent.
It has been said that we can only get help if we seek help and the first step is admitting the need for help. There needs to be no religious ties to accomplish meeting with your own spiritual goals.
By mere acceptance one can improve a situation to become fully enlighten enough to grow, heal and place and end to violence in their own world.
Acceptance of self, those around us and present situations is the key to an inner peace, how, when and why we experience anger is simply tied to our lack of acceptance.

ANGER a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; what wrong can be done to abuse a innocent human being? None that I know of!

My drive in writing this comes about by one too many people who point fingers, judge and ridicule the victim. Let's make it clear, no one desires to be in an abusive situation, no one deserves to be in an abusive situation. There is an old adage that I have repeated many times " treat those as you wish to be treated" I find it appalling that there are many people out there who want to put the added pressure on the victim, as if they are responsible
for another persons lack of control, alcohol issues, drug abuse. Let us remember that we are responsible for oneself and we cannot make the decisions to improve or seek help.
In a high majority of cases it is the woman and children who suffer at the hands of violence, but I am not sexist as I know clearly that anyone can become a victim of violence.

Are there things we can do with out seeking professional help? this also depends on how much you want to improve your present situation and create a peaceful atmosphere. Yes there are steps that can be taken to combat violent outburst.

First we need to Identify with what causes the outburst to occur. Let's start with 3 important and most common, personal suffering, disappointment and financial hardship. Identifying we have a problem is the first step in seeking a solution, practicing patience is the second step in that when we feel anger rise , we can choose to walk away from situation, we can cleanse our mind by inserting good thoughts, we can liberate our spirit by allowing peace to replace dysfunction. There are many coping skills that are developed to redierct anger and prevent violence from ever occuring in the first place.

I am not by brothers keeper nor I shall take responsibility for his ill will.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Love yourself enough to stand tall....

I just read a post that said if you just love yourself enough you won’t find yourself in an abusive situation, at least that is the message I received. I was instantly offended as I found that statement to place blame on the victim. If the victim loved them self better, if they were smarter, stronger. “If” is such a big word for someone to place on another. This again is placing a stereotype on who becomes a victim. One of my goals in life was to strip away stereotypes and labels. It is your basic cause and effect, but that is all that is simple about abuse. Adults or children It doesn’t matter, abuse is a sickness and those caught up in the sickness, struggle to keep afloat. I will say it again, abuse has no boundaries, and it knows not race, financial status nor intelligence. It happens to people in all brackets of life; it is well hidden and is likely
the skeletons in the closet. The victim should not be labeled and enabler, fear is a very
strong weapon and very real.

“The limit of your self abuse is the limit you will tolerate from other people. If someone abuses you more than you abuse yourself, you walk away, you run, you escape” - Don Miguel Ruiz

I do not believe a person needs to walk away, run away or escape. What we should be directing this to is the people who need anger management or to get counseling for their psychological problems. Should we leave behind friends and family, our home and our life, because someone doesn't seek help. I believe it is a sin that any human being has to run or hide. Help should not come with a stigma and why must it be the victim who seeks help.
Those who direct anger at another person is gutless and doesn't love himor herself.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I find that people would rather believe a lie then the truth when confronted with human failure. It is the core of our being that provides the blue print to a long list of vulnerabilities. If we choose to repeat the same mistakes as history has already documented we will systematically continue on a path of power and greed.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gene Selection

Genetic selection, what movies are made of or is it? Scientific testing has encoded the differences of DNA sequences, providing us with unique genetic maps. In genetic therapy diseases are treated by altering or replacing a defective gene. It is possible that genetic selection or genetic therapy can directly effect the future way we diagnose and treat physical and mental illness.
It is evident that there is a genetic predisposition towards violence in many individuals, if we eliminate the gene for violence can we alter the world as we know it and can we finally view a Utopia?
It has been said that there is a fine line between a genus and a insane person, would suppressing a gene also suppress creativity and intelligence? Or is it possible to eliminate the negativity without effecting individual character. There is quite a bit of research that needs to be done be for implementing changes in individuals. Yet there is concern to the misuse and abuse of such futuristic abilities. Are we using our new knowledge to prevent or to control and who decides what is acceptable?
Some say that it would be playing God, but I believe we are given the intelligence to assure that human life continues without destructive behavior. It takes one look on a clear night at the many galaxies above us to realize we have done so little to assure our place in this vast space. We are responsible to explore all the possibilities and stand united to bring peace to an unsettling world. We have a magnitude of wealth and intelligence when we decide to unite with out greed then we will explore beyond the imagination.