Sunday, November 8, 2009

Unseen Pain

The worst is not the lash out at the flesh,
but the strike against the spirit.

I realized there are many ways to die,
I have felt the death of my soul.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Prayers and Condolences

It seems trivial to write about any ones own person war today, when all you have to do is listen to the news to hear the horror stories. There is two similarities in all of it we have a predator and a victim. People don't choose to become victims, it can simply be a of circumstances, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A warped sense of power is all it takes to destroy a life, how sad is that. For the victims and families of the Fort hood military base in Texas our prayers go out to those who have died and those who continue to struggle in the hospital. Young men and women just into adulthood, who signed on with the military to defend our country and yet it is those within who have taken them down.

The ugly truth of reality is that evil exist and thrives.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Caught in the web of dysfunction

I have always been bothered by those who place judgement on a victim who has endured long term abuse. The circumstances around each situation is unique to those who find them self in this predicament. One comment recently that still leaves sour a taste is that" the victim must thrive or love the drama. " This statement alone speaks of ignorance and how little those who have not experienced any form of an abuse understand.
Imagine for one moment you are the fly in the web, the hard you try to pull away the tighter the silk becomes until you can almost not breathe. What is silk web made of ? It is filled with an abundance of circumstances, fear, insecurity and a list of weaknesses that are yet to be revealed in each individual case. One of the main concerns I have is the erosion of confidence as well the lack of independence. The vulnerability which enables a person to be caught in the web may be triggered by ones empathy, forgiveness and in truth heart. Sometimes it as simple as our Christian upbring which teaches us to forgive. This in itself allows for repetition.
Is there away out? There is always away out. Sometimes we have to stop struggling, calm down and think our way out. The A plan reveals and alternate path, friends and family who are willing to help,other times it is not that easy, because we have to first work on our own insecurities and find the confidence to stand on our two feet. It is not always as easy as it sounds. The web is a tricky trap, because it is being spun way before you know your even trapped. This is the first step which I call circumstance it leads you in the direction of the web.
I myself have battled the web of dysfunction. Because there is no one way or right way to find that freedom, the road can be treacherous and long. There are many factors that come into play and each must be weighed out. What is right for the individual and the others involved in an extensive part of the release, timing, education, knowledge, confidence and alternatives. Just a few the factors that must be in place as we prepare to make a turn in the journey.
There are for sure very violent cases and these to must be thought out. Having a birth certificate ssn for yourself and your children are the first steps in breaking away. I was surprised for many this was a difficult endeavor as many are stripped of the initial paperwork. Which now days you can apply online. With that in mind there are organizations that are willing to help in bringing back to your life a sense of independence. The many women I have met fall into all age groups. Out here where I live the first thread of the web consist of isolation. Many have no access, to friends, family, transportation or the technology of phone. Hard to believe in this day age that so many are so controlled. There are many women who have accepted the path of a control freak, this to is a form of survival and sometimes the only life a person will ever know.
Rule number one there is no right or wrong, no judgement placed on a victim. How and when they reach for help is as important as the fact they did. Education is golden and to remove the threat of the web, we must first remove each thread of dysfunction one piece at a time.