Friday, May 29, 2009

A bruise to the body is less painful
 then the bruising of the mind. 

The weak threads ... a symptom of child abuse

I couldn't have been more than nine or ten years old when I became aware of the importance of a healthy mind and how many issues arise from mental health. There was always a stigma attached to those who were in need of help and that in itself kept and keeps many from seeking the proper medical intervention.

What is the right medical intervention? I am not sure that the professionals themselves know, but hopefully the unexplored folds of the mind will be exposed and the antidote for healthier living without the extremes will be explored. 

It is incredible how much advancement has been made in this area over the last one hundred years and still yet so more to understand and learn. The brain a huge chemistry set bases itself upon the workings of the body. There is where the old saying a " busy mind is a healthy mind" comes from. 

A woman in her early thirties had been placed on medication to control her mood swings. She said I hated it I neither laughter nor cried, I felt so much like a zombie. Is it all a case of the faulty mind or just a lack of not knowing enough to bring the initial amount of balance? 

My plight to bring awareness to the ills of the mind was explored through the ongoing child abuse I had experienced as a child. It is amazing how many views surface from siblings and the lack of similarities between them. Every one feels the flame of the poker in different ways and digest it as their own will to survive surfaces.

Eradicating mental health is based on a judgement call, what is considered healthy and not. It seems that all that occurs in life comes from personal choice making. The different levels of society keep many from reaching out to helping other of different social classes. 

If one looks at the axle the world spins on they will see the worlds vulnerability throughout the stars. The same is true for each and everyone of us. If it is so that we are on this earth as the great explorers to expand our knowledge and develop our being than each of us is part of the process and there is no boundaries, societal levels, just a oneness to prepare for the inevitable. 

A perfect weave, one which is tightly woven without holes, loose threads, worn and weak threads brings the the mind a beautiful tapestry. It is when the carelessness of abuse of self is allowed that a weak thread is found and through this we fall through. How do we strengthen the thread? We must first decide which needs replaced, tightened or  just a bit of reweaving. The social skills necessary to bring this about are found in our earliest steps of life. Here is where the first stitches are sewn. Stitching in Self worth, Respect and love, these three alone can tighten the sloppiest of stitch creating a more uniform pattern. It is not enough to share this tasperty with friends and family but to display our inner self to the community at large helps to improve as we unite in a more central weave. 

The cycle of abuse, why does it happen? why do many condone it? Though we are all one in being, we all start the journey with different tools. This is why it is so important what thread we choose from the very beginning. How is anger seeded and how does it grow? Anger is seeded by insecurity and self hate. 

Earths greatest experiment is explored through life. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am frightened to stand still, 
might I be caught up in the darkness.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am a survivor

I closed this down for awhile because of a few comments and I realized that its okay that it be read, it happened it was real and it was a part of my life. I am not ashamed for someone else's failure nor am I embarrassed by my experiences. I am a survivor!
I found it amazing all the bad that happens in the world and except for the sensationalized cases in the media, you will never know or hear of all the people who slip through the crack.  
There are many changes that are mandatory in the system to really make it a beneficial to all those in need. Early intervention is crucial to bringing about not merely the words of the change but the action of change. Obviously people benefit from positive surroundings as nurturing is very important in providing a stable beginning for our youth to grow. 
Change comes for those who want it, allowing hunger to go unfed only promotes more negativity and instibility. Take a walk through the inner city schools and you will see that they have indeed slid backwards. Those who can afford continue to put their children in public schools or move out of the area. What this leaves behind are those who have no alternative. The song children are our future represents our need to bring more youth groups not only to inner city children to the rural areas as well. By giving choices and altnernatives we can save those who are looking for away out in hopes that they take back the love and knowledge to better their own communitites.
If all possible encourage, sponsor or donate your time to your local youth group, if you make a difference in only one childs life, isn't that child worth it?