Friday, November 23, 2007

I started this blog to give to my sister a voice and to bring to light that dysfunction knows not financial or social status, that it effects people all over the world and in all economic brackets. As I thought more about it I knew to some degree the writing was bringing closure or a sense of my own personal healing. To continue on the same path would be giving power to the negative forces.
We are a book of on going chapters and remaining on one chapter to long is like standing over your head in a stagnant pool of water, sooner or later you will drown in it.

A worth of a woman.. gone with the wind moments, not!

Get your ass back in the kitchen where you belong.

I do it for you babe.

When I trained you to be a whore, It was meant just for me.

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Mark said...

So is this good-bye or the start of a new life chapter?