Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Crossroads

Dear Mark at
I am at a crossroad in my life. I find I no longer want to look back and I don't want to stand still and I don't know what the future holds and I don't know where I fit in, in the so called "scheme of things or the bigger picture. " I do know I must forge ahead in whatever that may bring. I am not ungrateful for my experiences both positive and negative for they have been the great lessons of life that have revealed much about human nature to me. I never quite liked having this keen sense of insight, when I was younger it was both frightening and a lonely place.
Sometimes I have nightmares, always different but they wake me in the middle of the night. The encyclopedia says nightmares in adults is usually found in sensitive and creative individuals, I might be guilty of being a little sensitive and creative, but there are times you have to focus to a better place, to new horizons.
Life is new chapters and If I find that in sharing brings a certain amount of peace or knowledge to another I 'll take note and jot it down here in cyberspace.

I just recently said to a good friend, I am a fond supporter of happy beginnings and not happy endings, each day brings just that a new beginning, and I am happy with that. Is life perfect?
One smell of a rose, one glimpse of the kingfisher diving in the waters, one touch of the soft skin of a new born baby and you sense that all is perfect and beautiful in this world of ours. For it is only man's human ways or flaws that see otherwise.

Thank you for you your comment, it is very nice of you to show this compassion and I felt your warmth even at a distance.

I don't like goodbyes... I'll be seen ya.

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Mark said...

Enjoy your new chapter! Your voice will be missed.
Much love and peace to you!