Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sometimes the only clear cut way of removing yourself from the negativity is to get as far away as possible. Running away does not always include physically extracting self from the situation, I am speaking of more of an emotional separation. It does seem that certain personalities are more capable of achieving this ability to cross barriers.
A look back in history provides us with an account of those who survived war, prisoner of war, Holocaust and many catastrophic situations. There are several factors involved one is I believe people are chosen to record the experiences in hopes that we might prevent them such pain of humanity from reoccurring.Only through the written word can we explore the negative side of humans to rise above with positive answers. I also believe that in knowlege comes answers and with these answers we can prevent to occurence of human failure.
There are many who don't fair as well and the nightmare follows them to their death. In the great scheme of things we see how vulnerable we really are and hopefully we can overcome the weakness that has become a part of our being. Universally we are a huge puzzle and there are those who spend their life looking for the pieces to the puzzle.
The mind is a great combination lock and we have to continue to try new ways to open it and explore the depth that memory and experience play on adult life.
We are all survivors in one way or another, everyone has at had atleast one negative experience in their life that they had to rise above. There are many ways to strengthen self some look to the Lord, to nature, friendships, medical assoc, etc in hopes of healing and moving past life and death.

The bitterness of life need not remain,
hopefully it makes the sweetness in life
that much more sweeter.

Rejoice in life,
we only get one time around in this body.

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