Monday, June 29, 2009


Domestic war is the ongoing storms of life and it happens more often than people realize. What initiates the violence and encourages or feeds the fire? The studies have revealed a common link of low self esteem. But as we look closer we see that it takes a finely tuned and well cast set of characters to perform in a manner which reflects the victim, perpetrator scenario. The stage in which the cast is directed changes scenes many times and thus creates a yo yo effect. What happens behind close doors and what the human mind is capable of enduring is the ongoing struggles of Domestic war. How to identify and recode the weak strains of humanity has yet to be discovered.

In the years following, I realized there was a pattern that seem to reveal itself in my own adult relationship. I found that I quickly recognized the weak strain within my partner and would quickly try to prevent or redirect his anger. As I read the morning newspaper of a man who took the life of his wife, eldest son and himself, I began to review situations in my own life that seemed really no different.

What triggered and outburst? I am not quite sure, I chalked some of it up to his lifestyle working on so few hours sleep, but as I look back I realize that there were other underlying reasons. I conveniently filed the earlier episodes of violence to the back of my mind and looked at one of the more recent occurrences. I found that I became a prisoner of fear in order to smooth ruffled feathers and prevent the seed of evil the nourishment to germinate and grow. It felt as if I had to pacify the moment and stroke the ego of evil.

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