Friday, September 7, 2012

Sleeping with the Devil

I recognized the signals many years ago, when kindness stepped aside and the devil made a show. You could see it in the eyes, the fear had taken hold, I was sleeping with the devil and he wasn't let go. Paralyzed by shock, the tears rolled down my cheek, tied in darkness bound feet to feet. Trapped by ignorance, loneliness and despair, the devil lay beside me and I couldn't avoid his stare. The words thrown like daggers filled with ugliness and hate, with no signs of love, only a lock upon the gate. He played the game of evil, he knew the rules so well, a tease to pull you into the fire like blaze of hell. The tools he used were many and strategically placed, he started off with fear and ended each day with hate. The master of manipulation, building you up to tear you down, isolation, intimidation, was all that could be found. The windows were darkened the door was tightly closed,I'm sleeping with the devil and he is isn't letting go.

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