Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Life is a huge game based on image. What is image? It is what people portray or an outer exterior of who they are. On the positive note people might want create a look of vitality, confidence and sophistication or try to blend in with a group or this could be taken completely the opposite way and the negative could surface. Just for one moment think of your own secrets and thoughts that enter your mind, not necessarily the ones you act on and now turn your self inside out, what is it people would see? Vulnerabilities, fantasy, weakness, dreams,desire,hatred, ignorance,etc.
One of the first lessons of a child as they start to mingle with other children is to stop and think before speaking, as not to hurt another person emotionally. Are we what people expect us to be or what we want them to believe we are? To meld into society I believe we do drape ourselves in that of the societal norm. Whether we fall in the category of leadership or as a follower, we are trying to fulfill the expectations of the majority, rather then follow our own gut instinct or intuition, in fear of being ridiculed. Yet I find there is darker side in people, the side they hide, everyone has it to a degree, some act out on it and others carefully keep it hidden. Maybe it is by our own willing that we put people on pedestals, only to watch them fall.

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Mark said...

You are right, image is a huge factor in the human experience. We wear masks to fit in, to portray an image of the norm. Often times we get lost between what is the mask and what is us.
We must learn to "be", which means dropping the facade and allowing the chips to fall where they may.
Great thoughts!