Wednesday, October 10, 2007

School Shootings

School shootings are they a sign of the times. There are several major factors involved in the rise of violent episodes on a larger scale. There are social and economical changes and the morale breakdown of society as we know it. There are countries where atheism is the norm and yet you don't see such a high rise in violence, so this would say that religion alone or the lack of it is not totally responsible for the high profile cases of school and group shootings. This would lead us to believe that it is many factors that lead to such social destruction. One of the major changes and I see that in my own children's school is the mainstreaming of violent, mentally ill and physically challenged children into to public school system. Separating children is sometimes necessary for the safety of both challenged children and those who can perform to the social norm.
Fear has been used to control the huge populace of people for many years. A small amount of fear is equated to a conscience, without it there is no consequence. I believe we are treading on the rights of a few, that we have extinguished the rights of many for a safe place to educate our children. We cannot instill in children what should be instilled from the parents before school age.
The worst about the changing taking place is we cannot go back, which only leads us to go forward. Can we stop the escalation of crime, drugs, mental health issues? Where should the responsibility lay? If a system is not working, who will stand up to the government to force change? Who in the government will listen to the people? How many more children will die needlessly? Where is the common sense factor? Can a simple test alert caregivers and schools to those who are most likely to become violent? Is it discrimination to separate the mental healthy from the mentally ill? Whose life is most valuable? If the bird kicks a sick baby out of the nest should we try to save it?

It is very chilling to read the loss of innocence, my prayers to all those involved.
(CBS/AP) A 14-year-old suspended student opened fire in a downtown high school Wednesday before killing himself, and five people were taken to hospitals, authorities said. After the shooting, shaken teens called their parents on cell phones, most to reassure but in at least one case with terrifying news: "Mom, I got shot." Mayor Frank Jackson said the three teens and two adults were hurt. He said the children were in "stable, good condition," and the adults were in "a little elevated condition."

If it's a sign of the times, what a sad sign it is.

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