Monday, February 4, 2008

The Blame Game

Memories over the last thirty five years flooded heavily, so much so that I found myself for more then a brief period of time wallowing in them. What was the purpose of this review of the past and why had it over shadowed the day? I first looked at my current position in life, where I was at this very moment and then saw the effects like dominoes each vision becoming a red flag signaling a warming sign. I thought I might be ready to share my story of the prison walls, mortared with insecurities,,circumstances and the czar ruler who helped to form the barriers brick by brick. Then as I excepted my responsiblity in it all, and the choices I had personally taken, the memories began to fade. I had not given them the power to drape a new day.I have graduated from the past and I am exploring the future.


Mark said...

And that is what is all about! Excellent!

Children with out voices said...

Thank You for my own personal cheering section!