Sunday, February 17, 2008

Michael Tatalovich

Visnansky chose to end the life of Michael tatalovich a student at Robert Morris Unniversity, but this is not a mourning of his death but a celebration of his life. Michael could have been yours my son, he had dreams and goals much like our own youth. He has four sibilings who will remember him with love and warmth and reach out to him beyond the realm of our earthly spirit. Known by those who came in contact with him that he was bright and kind and his memories of warmth will dance in the nightly stars.
Michael did make a difference in this world, and in everyone who he had touched. His life on earth has been shortened by an untimely death but his memory lives on,rejoice and allow it to guide you in a positive manner.

I believe we need to look more at who the victims are in this cruel world. I was asked once by a woman who was fighting for a man on death row. He has rights she said, he has human rights. No one who violates the human law and chooses to kill in such violent ways has any rights they have been stripped. She said could you pull the switch on a man sitting on death row? I said your damn straight I could and I would look him in the eye while I was doing it. We need to look at the rights of honest good and hardworking citizens, the forgotten middle class who keep the wealthy rich and the poor fed.
Human rights is the reward for those abide by the law.
Tears are of those memories that will never be made,
for someone chose to end a life.

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