Monday, August 31, 2009

Jacee Lee Dugard

The most extreme story of child abuse has once again surfaced. Jacee Lee Dugard, a child and a woman robbed of her innocence. Like many I had read everything on this bizarre story and the infraction on the sanity of human behavior.
Adjusting to freedom is not an overnight one step plan. She was denied the basic human rights and the dignity to flourish within her community, to live and prosper. It will take many many years to find a sense of healing in a period of growth that will have her adjusting to a freedom that has been denied her for eighteen years.
Survival finds us in many a situation. What appears to some as a weakness to not fight back or escape was actually her inner strength to survive. She is a remarkable woman who survived the unthinkable. There can be no justice served as the chapters are written and cannot be erased. With faith I believe new chapters will be written on a long and tedious journey.
If everything happens for a reason what lesson comes from such ugliness? That evil exist as surely as goodness, that mental illness is not in check in this vast space we call earth. That evil condones its rise to power. Are there answers that are not fear laden. When I was ten years old not much younger than Jacee, I saw how mental illness effects a person, how it reflects on the family and how breeds on hatred, violence and self righteousness. Some how in their warp minds they condone their behavior. They justify there actions by some sense of personal power over a situation. She was at the age of awareness when she was kidnapped and so the years before will be her flotation device that allows her to reach to shore and walk away from the many years of evil. In my mind I had wanted so to see a turn around in the mental health field. I see it as the weakest part of society's structure.

The personal story of Jacee Lee Dugard makes me sick to my stomach, unfortunately there are so many more stories that go unheard that never reach the hands of the media. Some of them prisoners in their own homes, prisoners of the mind. Imprisoned by those who claim to love them. Where does this evil get its strength?

Jacee Lee Dugard in not alone, many have not lived to tell the story and others still remain a hidden part of society. Jacee Lee Dugard is a survivor and my heart and my prayers go out to her in her long process of healing. Somethings can never be erased from the soul, but hopefully she will be able to replace the memories with new ones. Start a new journey through the healing process.

What happened to Jacee Lee Dugard is any caring parents worse nightmare. I believe she is stronger than many give her credit for and I have faith that she will surface above this, with the proper time and intervention and the rebuilding of a life.

We cannot compare evils, no crime is worse than another. Though that which is empowered by robbing the innocence of a child has to be the most sick, ugly and evilest of crimes. I feel as sense of joy in her release and also a pain within that desperately tries to understand how such violent hatred gains miles into the weakness of the mind.

The scars are inevitable and are now ingrained in her being, allow her the time, privacy and dignity to heal at her own pace. This is not the story of one child but all children who fall victim to abuse, hatred and evil. If there is something that comes from the telling of her story, it will be of her strength and power to overcome the worst of evil, that which is against a child of the world.


This is not to make slight of Jacee Lee Dugard's story. There are many children in abusive situations under the reign of those who claim to love them. As we speak around the world and in our own neighborhood a child, many a child is being abused. How do we stop the sickness and can we have a utopia? I don't see it happening anytime soon, so my prayers go out not for the one child who is now free, but for those who felt the sting of sex abuse, domestic abuse, verbal abuse in the robbing of a childhood.

Bonding with the captor is a survival mechanism, it shows in the many children including Jacee's the ability to survive in the most horrendous of crimes. I commend her for her strength and the power within her that kept her alive. It shows how intelligent a child and woman she is. Fear kept her there, bonding kept her alive and faith gave her hope.

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