Wednesday, August 5, 2009

La Fitness,Bridgeville

In shock over the LA Fitness tragedy, it is just a bit to close home. They call it mainstreaming, where those with emotion physical problems are blended in to work, live and flourish amongst those with out the burden of being socially outcast. Years ago people were wrongly locked away in institutions. Today the complete opposite is going on, there are those who need the structure that comes with being institutionalized for the safety of the community at large. There is something wrong when more emphasis is placed on the rights of a few than the rights of the majority.

Mental health has failed, people who need help do not seek it and those who do are released with medications that may or may not take. The world has changed and I don't believe it is for the better. It has been said many times that " mans worst enemy is man himself" I am saddened for all of mankind as I view around the world evil in progress.

As the story unwraps we will find the motive for the actions of a madman. Excuses will made and the professionals will try to piece together the steps upon that which hate has traveled. Just as the world on a financial scale has tumbled so has the world on a more social level. The media, from news reporters, tv, movies and music should be held responsible for their actions. Those who defend our freedoms including that of speech are made a mockery of. When movies of hatred and violence numb a community to the realization that violence is eminent as the seeds of evil are planted in those who are not mentally stable.

Even a baby bird knows when to discard one if its young. What is on the agenda for our politicians, the rights of prisoners, the mentally ill and the disabled, and the minorities. When will the rights of those who have regard for the rules, who abide by the laws.

We have failed at large to make our world our safer place it deteriorates by the moment. My prayers for all the families and victims of a horrendous crime. May they find peace in the arms of the Lord

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