Saturday, June 19, 2010


Is is possible that a person can be to kind? Do we open our heart and reveal our vulnerabilities without even being aware? Is the web which is spun over many years capable of being removed? They are a few of the questions that I find many of us confront. It is not easy saying to know and sometimes it is our inability to see in advance that places us in a path of self destruction. I think we are capable of allowing ourselves to become victims. Being to optimistic without really taking in the reality places us on a roller coaster. Getting off the roller coaster taking some doing, that which leads us to the web. It is not always possible to remove all that we are spun into, but hopefully enough so that we can break through and breathe in new territory. Education is so important, knowing our position and what is available to us.
I am a bit sad today, borderline depressed.

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Gail said...


I like your new look. Very easy on the eyes. :-)

And is there a time when too much kindness is not a good thing? YES!!

Love to you
peace and hope for us all.....