Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sometimes we do what we have to, it's called survival. Life is a fine tuned network involving many people. How and why is as unique as there are individuals. There are sometimes common factors that put us on the same stage of life or down the path of experience. I had wished many times that I had the knowledge which I gained through maturity but all in all there had to be some underlying reasoning behind all of our experiences. My sister always said it is one day at a time, sometimes I think it is minute by minute. Get through each minute, dissect it apart hold to the positive and let go of the negative. That doesn't mean we forget but we don't allow it to control our lives. Life is so short and it is crucial that we understand our involvement in redirecting the journey in a positive manner.
Most is important is your safety both physically and mentally, there are no right and wrongs only what works best in a particular situation. Shame has no place in the book of survival, we are not responsible nor shall we take blame for those who refuse to seek help. In my experience, there is no easy way, or any one particular right way to deal with life. The best thing to do is keep lines of communication open and believe...

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