Friday, August 20, 2010

No Fairytale

My mother was quintessential princess, who married a frog who stayed a frog. I think we go about life trying to change one another. In all reality it is impossible to change a person who doesn't seek to change.
I was thinking about Mother today. After my parents finally went their own ways. Mother succeeded in ways far beyond what people would have believed possible. She went back to college late in life earned a medical degree and worked at the hospital till her late 70's. My father on the other hand lived a miserable lonely existence.
One person can bring another person down to a level that doesn't mesh with society's standards. My father wanted to keep her isolated from the world,mother was a people person and she thrived on the interaction.
The years flow and though some of it is rather grainy. My sisters battle with the courts for minor emancipation and winning it in her teens, shed led on the possibilities if we believe. The part most overlooked is the network in which we are involved and how one decision affects everyone all those within the network. Sometimes this happens in a good way and not such a good way.
I was asked if my life parallels my mothers,there are similarities and not

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Mark said...

It is important to have a supportive cast.