Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thanks Gail. mental health

Gail recommended this website and after reading a good bit of it, I think it is one worth recommending. Though much of it is about helping directly those who are mentally ill. I did find that they offer information for those who deal with mental issues, of either parents or siblings.
It is not about comparing apples to oranges, though of course their are different degrees of mental health. Dad had his mental disability diagnosed from the Veterans and though he did get treatment, his mental health issues became my mothers and became ours. Sadly enough, a whole family is affected by the actions of one.

My sister doesn't have computer access and though I myself have worked through much of the issues that we lived with and have found and outreach she has not. Unfortunately she is reliving it through tapes and newspaper clippings and so for her the information you provided will help her in many ways. That she is not alone and she can surface above the hauntings of the past.


Gail said...

Oh I am so so happy that you have found this helpful and for your sister, as well. And may I add, they will visit, reach out to folks at their own homes - they are volunteers so their wonderful services are free.
I trained with them as a professional dealing with clients with addictions and another mental health diagnosis. I learned so much - and also personally I gained much understanding about family members living with bi-polar disorder. They are nation-wide.

I really am SO glad you found this helpful.

Love and hope

Children with out voices said...

Every family suffers at one point some mental health issue, could be mild depression. It is knowing how to deal with and when to seek help. Thank you for sharing a part of your life Gail.
Honesty I don't live in the past, but my sister is having difficulty and so I really do appreciate all you bring to the table about mental health and the sharing of your own life. You are a blessed soul.