Saturday, April 14, 2007

Victim of Circumstances

Looking back over the last several years of my life, I saw that indeed “ everything comes with a price”. Life is but a challenge leading to the roads of accomplishments and disappointments. There is no sorrow or remorse in the steps of proposed failure as with each step comes a lesson. We stand at the crossroads of life packed with a code of ethics, a conscience and with the morale disposition hopefully ensued with confidence, a positive outlook and the discipline and eagerness to achieve in our personal as well as professional lives.

Occasionally we see that our strength waivers and we stand at the bridge of consequences, this is the price we pay for the freedom of choice. Balanced on a beam high above the clouds, the rebellion of youth and the maturity that only time brings battles with the heart and soul to understand. The mind tempered with responsibility questions whether leading with the heart has a selfish motive. It leaves a note sour upon the soul, that we might not be worthy of a better life. That somehow life is predetermined and fate holds the cards.

Undermined by earlier lessons of childhood we find self respect shadowed in the darkness, our character maimed by our lack of courage. Here in the darkness is where we meet with our obligation to self. The scale in life unbalanced by contributing circumstances.

Look back to learn,
look today for faith,
for tomorrow brings
new opportunity.

There is no greater love then of self for
God made man in his image.
We cannot love another untill we learn to love self,
for it is our reflection upon them that shines back upon ourselves.

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