Saturday, March 13, 2010

Control your destiny and free your soul

I have taken the time to read a few of my readers blogs today and I read about those who have felt suffering at the hands or words of others. Big question they asked were they worthy of a better life? An unequivocal yes! We are responsible as we take control of our destiny. Sane or insane? as long as a person doesn't try to hurt themself or another person, it doesn't matter what people think, only what you think. It takes courage to think outside the box, to dare and make changes, to love one self enough that they begin to see the gifts within them.
If you feel uncomfortable about a situation follow your gut instinct. No one deserves to be abused, called names, hit, belittled, pulling hair, pushed, made to feel inferior, less than, etc. We are equal in the sense that we are all given a gift. Who chooses to use them and abuse them is to be seen. The importance is to focus on your internal being and finding that path which leads you down the journey of choice. I believe that people are reaching out for help and help never comes. What it is people need, I think self worth opens doorways leading a person down a path of distinction.
It is wonderful to hear compliments but the greatest compliment is one you can give yourself. Remember that you have taken the first step to seek change, to journey forward. We may never be able to right the wrongs,but we can learn from the mistakes of others to stop the cycle of abuse in our own relationships as well as others.
I look at my own family and I can tell you that each of them has related to a situation differently, doesn't make it right or wrong. All it means is that each of them see and feel differently about what has happen to them,each is stronger and weaker in different ways. Find the strength in your life, in your spirit and allow it to guide you down a new path. It is not right and never can we condone abuse, but we can have the last say. We can make a difference, bring to light the hurt, the scars and the confusion that is so placed upon us. Our journey lays the ground work for a new tomorrow. If one child is spared and one soul freed, it is all worth it.


Margie said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind comment!

This post is wonderful!
How right you are when you say ...
"It's wonderful to hear compliments but the greatest compliment is one you can give yourself. "

If we don't feel good about ourselves no amount of compliments from another can make us feel good.
It's all from within ourselves.

Wonderful blog.

Margie :)

Anonymous said...

What a great blog. I loved your honesty and message about children's voices and rights. Just so beautiful, thoughtful, loving and well written. Thank you.

Children with out voices said...

Thank you Margie,

It is easier to give advice then to follow it. Self respect is high on the list of tools necessary to bring about confidence and change.

Children with out voices said...

Thank you for your thoughts. It's ironic about giving a voice to victims especially children. The first thing we are taught in a abusive setting is" silence is golden" Rarily does an abused child speak out in the verbal sense, their cries are rarily recognized. Sometimes it's the child who appears to perfect, to prim and proper, who is most fearful. No clear cut guide lines. Just like there is no particular income bracket that is predisposed to abuse.
There is a check of list I'll post today, it is amazing how many of these issues we can check off.
Live, Love, respect, loyalty, are a reflection of what we should share as well what we want to receive.

My goal is not only to bring a voice, but to save a child one child at a time.

Again ty for your kind words!

Mark said...

Very inspirational writing. It is all about what we do with our experience that will determine the impact of that experience.

Children with out voices said...

It is through our struggles that wisdom of our experience surfaces and this is the process in which character is formed. It is not enough to say we have been there, it is possible that our trials are the gift of knowledge.

Thank You Mark for you visit!