Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have Faith...

It is not like I am afraid to give my name or that I am embarrassed or ashamed. The parts of my life include many other people and I didn't feel it was quite right to at this time bring to light all of my family, due to respect for them. I choose to write because at times I find it theraputic and also to let others know they are not alone. I have spoken locally and still speak when requested, but this forum was not meant to bring attention to me, but to educate and hopefully lead people to the professionals who can help.
It was odd my first instinct when asked what was my name, to hide and if small enought to fit under a big rock, I would have. If anyone is truly interested or would need further information or guidance, I will glady help them in finding or seeking the proper channels in which they can reach out. Anyone who wishes to email in private can email me at

Thanks to all who continue to stop by and find some merit in my writing.

When I was a very young child I believe that there couldn't possibly be a God or he would not have let bad things happen to good people. That is a pretty common thought and very shallow when it comes to faith. I do believe we journey for a reason and that the gift to communicate to others is a part of my journey. I do this on many levels, both in my local community and on a national level. There are those who like to keep their hands clean in helping people by raising funds for awareness and help and that is wonderful as well. But I truly believe that to reach people and to give people alternatives is as important as the shelters, the schools and the organizations that are out there. God is love and to see it any other way is the frightening reality of our world. If everyone dare to keep the faith and the love within them and allow that to guide them, we will see that the world morph into a better place.

It is not so important who I am nor is it as important who speaks for those who cannot. What is crucial is that people understand that their are options,that we are human and there is no one right way. As common as the experiences seem to be from one victim to another, each is still very unique to the heart and soul of each person. Please remember that education and experience is so important to bringing and end to the evils of abuse.


Gail said...


It has been a while - I have missed you. You are providing a very valuable service here - as I have said before. You are a voice for so many.

So nice to see you again.

Love Gail

Children with out voices said...

Thank you Gail!