Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Heavy the Heart of a Repetitive Fool

for only a fool keeps believing.....


Mark said...

I would love for you to expand on your thought.
Only a fool keeps believing in what? I think the heart would indicate that you refer to "love". I don't want to assume.

Children with out voices said...

I never would refer to love as a heavy burden it has the ability to lift you up when sad, to bring a smile at the least expected moment, to cradle in warmth a child and the list goes on.
One of the definitions of fool One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.
We go through life believing in change and growth to find that someone only changes and grows if they want to. Trying to understand or sense another's needs can be overwhelming. When their is no one sensing or understand that individual needs as well.
Some may call it faith and others hope, but misdirected and placed in the wrongs hand becomes a heavy burden.
The tears fall in silence for no one understands.

Arti Honrao said...

Each one of us is a fool, especially in matters of the heart ...
making the same mistakes again and again.

Reminds me of my poem Never Learnt.


Children with out voices said...

I always thought the trickery thing about love and life is that no situation is identical to the next. It is as if each occurence is camouflaged that not until it enters your heart do you realize you have been down this path but under a new name. Some of us are more intune then others.
I talked with a woman over the weekend she said that she had no emotions nor respect for a woman who is abused because she said that in some instance that a person abused ask for it. Wow! No one ask to be beat and no one deserves to be beat. I am sure there are those souls who are troubled and might have given up on themselves but no one and it doesnt matter whether it is a child or an audult deservere physical or mental abuse. It is the ultimate adage in life " treat others as you wish to be treated"
Maybe it is so that we view our own optimism as foolishness. It reminds me of this mother of two young women I met yesterday, she said Oh my daughter she has this horrible black cloud that has been following her through out life. She was just in a bad accident yesterday. I said is she hospitalized , she said no, I said does she feel alright? She said she seems ok. I then said, it must have a beatuiful white cloud that has been following around she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and yet she was fortunate to live throug such a tradgic accident.
Life and this is what makes is so very complicated, can be interpeted in many ways and It is up to us to make that decision.