Monday, August 13, 2007


A perfect world where equalism takes center stage and a peacefulness is birthed in every heart. A place where poverty and the ills of the world as we know it does not exist. Idealistic society that works for the common good.
In those of us who are peace loving people, it is difficult to comprehend the world as it exist. Though Utopia can result in a fictional sureal like dream, if all the power that were at this moment reversed and put into goodness, and kindness and the willingness to help our brother, what changes might we experience.
I propose that each person take responsiblity for their actions. What changes might we see if we thought more about our choices? To conquer evil, one must open the gates to a good world through their own heart.

The tools of happiness reside within,
we only need unlock within ourself
the power of Love.

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