Saturday, September 5, 2009

Abuse wears a coat of many colors.

Sometimes abuse is nothing other than an
insecure soul exerting power over another.

Their weakness shall not be my legacy.

I am stronger than that which dares to hold me down.

I will no longer swim in the tears of yesterday.

He strikes out at my heart and each lash but once against my soul
repeatedly pains with each memory.

She wanted it to come to and end,
so we may see a new beginning.

The pain of the spirit hurts worse than any wound to the flesh.

How do we stand up to the fear of a threat? Is a threat merely words? Imprison the flesh my soul is free.


Gail said...


Oh I so agree with your insightful words. Mis-use of power of any kind IS abuse. And so true that with endings there are new beginnings. And wounds of the spirit shape us in ways that are unimaginable. You are sheeding such necessary light on what abuse is.
With gratitude and love

Children with out voices said...

Ironic that we are taught to walk in silence. I am not sure what good will come from it all, other than to free ones own soul.

Worse is when an abuser doesn't think they are doing anything wrong.Where does this false entitlement come from?

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Sometimes I still feel sick inside. I don't live with the memories, but occassionally I find that a place , a word or another story jolts the memory into action.
Surfacing above our own personal hell isn't always easy.

Gail said...

HI again-

I know so well the jolt of a memory. I must say though, tht over time, the jolts have become less electrifying and or paralyzing - the more I integrated and honmored my truths the less frightening them surfacing without warning became.
October is my month of catharsis and active recall - for it was the first time with the teacher and the grand finale with the priest - sigh.......
and I so understand th entitlement attitude of abusers - sickening.

Love and hope for us all

Children with out voices said...

You are one of the brave ones, you have spoken up and out to not only embrace the healing process but also in an educational sense that gives validity to those who have yet not found the courage.

Gail said...

HI -

I trul respect the individual healing journey and that it has a unique and personal time table. I only have my journey to share, and I am humbled by even being allowed to do so. I certainly never imagined that my worst tragedies would one day be in the 'light' and offer a bit of hope to someone else.

Love Gail