Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Broken Fingers

I felt completely mesmerized by the power of the wind, as I watched it dance like a picture in motion high a top the trees. The leaves more than swayed back and forth against the darkened sky, they moved with such speed that it created a sort of shimmer that reminded me of the reaction of oil as it is stirred into water. I felt pulled, as if there was a magnetic draw between my spirit and the hum of the wind as it thrust the hills into a state of an awakening. In one glimpse nature reveals the strength, the weakness and the vulnerabilities that surface between man and earth and the heavens above.

It might be just a little tingle,

like spiders on the nerves,

but to me it is a reminder,

that love never hurts.

Not a pleasant memory,

but I refuse to let it go,

surface reveals a healing,

inside it burns so.


I don't hate him,

I just don't like him very much.


Gail said...


Amazing post and blend of nature and memory and truth. I just wrote a similar post if you get a moment to go and read it. :-) I, like you, don't let go. I am not even sure what that mean. Because I believe to "let go" is to give up a part of me - and I refuse to do that.
Love and hope for us all

Children with out voices said...

I don't dwell on it but something something sparks a memory, sometimes it is physical and other times the reminders come with a word or action. Fear is such a strong component when it comes to our choices and there is a fine line between standing up and being heard and falling victim all over again. Each persons story is unique them as is their means of survival. There are times I believe I have come so far and other times I don't believe I have broken free of the spiders web.
Survival is like walking a tight rope you need to balance it all to get to the other side. There are tears that never fade and as I try to make sense of another persons sickness, I find that their dysfunction becomes my dysfunction.
The strength and the weakness within battle for the same ground and that is stability without fear.