Friday, September 4, 2009

Free the soul...remove the fear.

It is inconceivable of the pure of heart to understand the depth of evil and the tools in which it uses to invade a spirit. Strike out at the flesh and in time it heals, but the wounds of the mind we can always feel.

They say that time is the great healer,
but open wounds never heal?

Fear is the unseen bars that imprison the soul.

I have been locked in my own prison for so long
,that I had become accustomed to the walls of hell.


Gail said...


Oh such powerful words. I understand at a personal and deep level about wounds - and my journey has taken me to a pace where I never want to forget or not feel them - I paid a high price to try and separate myself from myself - it was then that the fear of which you write was imprisoning my soul. But not any more -
Love Gail

Children with out voices said...

Hi Gail,
It is so nice to see you return, your strength is encouraging.