Monday, June 11, 2007


I worked a very depressed location this weekend. I called it a reality check to the low middle class. People were opening up with so many personal stories. A few stood out in my mind. Total strangers reaching
out and expressing their most inner thoughts. Those emotions that are many times kept buried.

One woman, I didn’t get a name she was moved by what she read, I felt a sadness as I watched her several times wipe away the tears. I had hoped my words would bring comfort and not stir the emotion of sadness. For me writing was my survival, my escape from reality.

There is a old expression “ you are the company you keep.” I thought about the situations we are thrust into at times, yes, many are dependent upon our own choices, still so much is due to circumstances. The importance of that particular expression is that we are vulnerable to the people around us.
A friend said to me several years back "doubt and fear plays a role in how fast or how well or how far we continue to strive and grow. A good mentor once told me that in order to maintain strength and diligence one must be around strong and positive people. for the negative will drain us surely as a short in a wiring will drain a battery, taking all the positive charge and grounding in to the frame of the vehicle. "

I looked at my present situation, the people around me and the differences in our outlook on life.I found their negativity draining my energy. As much as I wanted to help, help comes to those who ask. I looked at my alternatives, I found that through out my life there has only been two to fight or die. I found a piece I wrote a couple of years back , It was at the beginning of my fight to live.

I had questioned the limit of time that our physical being has in exploring the gifts with which nature showers upon us. The soil rich in nutrients at my finger tips. The garden indeed blessing us with lessons . The flowers seeded , grow stronger with the warmth of the sun and the hint of rain which allows its roots to grow deeper into the earth. Set to bloom the garden threaten by storms that repeatedly conjure up an array of destruction. Beat down continuously the weak not able to overcome the elements allows for the strongest to hold on reaching once more for the sun .
Shall I allow the storms of life to continuously badger the heart . I say not, as I look into the heavens and feel the suns rays warm against my face. I am once again filled with an awakening that challenges my soul to grow, to bloom, to give back all that has been seeded from the time of birth. The lack of nutrients, such as love and warmth , caring and understanding had gone the way of the storm. Replaced with the nourishment of a new beginning. Life gives us a repeated chances to bloom . I shall not look away but accept the gift that was given. Weakened at the roots the stem threaten, forces a bloom. Once compared to a weakened flower, the love , the caring the warmth felt has strengthened the inner being and I flourish amongst the storms of life blooming once more.
The importance in sharing, was in my notion that we are capable of reinventing ourselves it is called survival and that will get us through I tell myself I will make it through today and I will conquer tomorrow.


pat said...

Thank you for a beautiful post. You have a gift for words

Children with out voices said...

We have all we need to understand and survive any crisis,it exist in everything around us, if we take the time to look. If once you choose to walk a path that you had always driven by, you will see how much different the world becomes.
I thank you for your appreciation of my thoughts and for your lovely comment.
My sister said "since you have been given the gift to write, that you must speak for all of us.... " Little by little I dare to challenge the dreams and nightmares that exist in life... "