Tuesday, June 5, 2007


If we can have a world war,
then it is possible to have
world peace.

I was at a event Saturday, the weather was absolutely beautiful, hot like the summers I remember as a child with a warm breeze. Many people complained of the heat and I said enjoy it soon, very soon you will again be complaining of the cold.

A woman who took a liking to one of my poems on display, asked if she
could pay by check? I said sure, she was so insistent upon giving me Id and such. I said no worry in all the years that I have done these shows, I have never had any problems. Oops as the saying goes "knock on wood". But the truth is, there is way more good then bad in the world, but like sleeping lambs,we lay very quiet in the world, with a lot less recognition then troubled souls.

History had never had a impact on me as a child in school, I must say I felt distant from it. I could not relate nor place myself in the times and places that had gone before us. As I aged I found a greater appreciation
for History. As the world becomes our big backyard I can see our neighbors that were once so far away become very close. I am troubled many times as I read and listen to actual biographies and stories of war, betrayals, hatred and greed. These negative traits of humans existed in us from the beginning of time.

As I looked back at the first time I felt distant from people in general, I was at the magical age of ten. I call it my first time of awakening, where I understand humanity and all its strengths and weaknesses. As time goes on I am not sure I am so different as at times those of us who see and understand are so quiet. For most likely we are not the aggressors.
The Egyptians have proved many things by their tombs and embalming, "you can't take it with you".All the greed, the hatred, the betrayal is useless after earth. I have always looked at the world around us and our position as caretakers of the world.We are given a job to care for a piece of land until the next generation takes over.

What useless emotions do we allow to control our thoughts, our actions? In the tribal era where it was common place to have your warriors, there was no rules to war. They murdered, raped and tortured innocent women and children, and so goes the violent gene to be carried on in future generations of people. Betrayal of innocence makes ye not a warrior, but a fool in warriors clothes, for their is no dignity in the display of hatred of one human being upon another.
My dream is to see the money that is put into wars and weapons placed into medical,education and space travel, for war holds us back to the times of ignorance and reaching forward keeps us growing , gives us hope and a future. We give to a few the power to lead and I say are they
and should they be given so much power? For I don't see better for mankind but more of the same. I see it as the middle class gets deeper into debt to make ends meet a semblance to the McCarthy era, where times were good for a few and the separation of a class of people was never stronger.Education should be free to those willing to learn, not a step in to debt. The world changes only when we change. Then again, the old adage rings true "History repeats itself ", that in itself is enough to cause great concern.
We may be lambs in the world of violence,
but Lions to lead in the land of peace.
Raise not a hand in anger,
yet leery are we who walk
through life blinded. I
stand to defend peace,
with love, thy weapon
of choice.

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