Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mans Worst Enemy...

As I look back over the last forty years my greatest disappointment with the world as a whole is that as far as we have come, we have not come far at all.
We try to teach children to have respect, to not be violent and yet great nations do not have respect and continue to be violent. I don't believe that we are following some great prophecy, I think that power corrupts the intelligence of man.
It has been said many times that "History repeats itself" for that alone I am filled with great sadness. Instinct or not animals know more about the world around them then most people. I have been up at 5 am each morning and darkness is still heavy upon the hills. Yet in the black of early morn the sounds of a symphony welcome the sunrise, as the birds joyfully sing to the light of day.
In Unity we become one with nature, in battle we all fall.

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