Friday, June 15, 2007

The Journey

If taken the scenario, loss of jobs, illness and a blurb of negativity and place it into several different families. How does each survive the situation depends on how they were taught to handle the stresses of life. Options, what are our options? How do we react? What time frame do we have to work with.
I believe our youth plays a greater part on how we deal with life. Family support is a crucial element of stability and guidance that leads us to make proper choices. Invisible barriers that retain the spirit and block conscious thought. I never thought marrying outside ones faith and culture would complicate life. The United States has been known to be the melting pot, where we all come together. Though I believe like minds and spirit come from inside, the conditions with which we are raised play a part in our mental outlook. The anger is not always from the unity of couple but the lack of acceptance from extended family members.
In times of deep confusion is when family should be strengthened, I find it is the opposite, more like the weak threads are broken, leaving major holes for us to fall through.Controlling partners, some call it old school, ethnic related and sometimes just the insecurity that one partner has that they pierce anger at their own partner when down.
The years have gone by quickly and at times I feel as if there is black drape over many days, but as I look back I see how choices mapped the future.
In many instances I believe that we are on this path to experience, and the progression of both good and bad experiences is a gathering of information to explore all possibilities for a future means of prevention.

Old adages maintain their place through history, as they are based on life experience. For the sin is not in making a mistake, but in maintaining repetitive negative behavior. If we fail to learn from mistakes, then we become “ a part of the problem, not the solution.” This track through life is to gather as many experiences as possible and leave behind a more clearer path for our children to journey on.

“Lord why have you abandoned me? My child I have not abandoned you ,it as this time I carried you.” I don't ask to be carried Lord, but to feel your strength beside me, walk with me, guide me.

I hold the pen, he writes the words..

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