Friday, March 2, 2007



We use to laugh when the movie came out,” Mommie Dearest” No Wire Hangers”. Abuse of a child, adult or elderly can be minor or could be to the extreme. How it effects each individual and how they survive, is as unique as each person involved. Some people do grow stronger in spite of a neglectful or abusive childhood.

Are we then predetermined to fail or succeed and will genetic mapping in the future, give us the blue print to repair the weak threads and encourage the stronger ones? This is exactly why you can take a family of twelve and have just that twelve different views. Each child will grow and flourish at their individual rate.Some children will survive and become stronger and others will fall by the wayside.

The medical field is ever growing and the influence of technology is having a stronger hold in our lives.In the future we may know exactly who is likely to be a alcoholic or compulsive and how to prevent mental health conditions and who will be prone to illness etc. Presently all we can do is try to recognize stress, illness and reach out to guide, educate and provide help to families who maybe in need.

The genetic code is a ABC map of DNA that holds the answers to our past, present and future. The blue print of what we inherited, will display a unique pattern of our ancestors. If you took a jar of marbles shook them up and tossed them to the floor , the marbles would create a different pattern each time they fell.Though each of us is born to only two parents, we are like marbles, we all come out just a little bit different.“Our genetic code” allows us to develop into the humans that we are , it will display our strengths as well as our weakness. With this tendency towards a certain behavior, it is only complicated by the environment we are raised in.

Child abuse is global, it survives in every kind of lifestyle possible, it shows it ugly head in some of the most severe situations and it hides and morphs in many others. We are very vulnerable to the storms of nature, accidents and illness., and yet man still remains man’s worst enemy.

Evil survives because we give it a platform, people seek to read and watch gore and violence and help the seeds of hell spread. I was once told that “hell sells newspapers” I think there is an audience for both the good and evil of life.

We are the soldiers of love, one by one we are just that a soldier,
together we are an army and the kingdom of love,
shall find its righteous place on earth.

Don’t panic everyone, I took off my “ rose colored glasses”

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