Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Shoulder


The most complicated and diverse aspect of life is the emotion of love. Difficult as it is to understand in others, even more confusing when you try to analyze your own thought process. My mind bouncing around, as the past, the present and the future danced on the same stage. I traveled a mountain of emotion, and felt the toying of being caught in a game of connect the dots. Somehow, there is this connection that binds it all together. I have quoted, "you don't know what you have until you have lost it", I do know what I have and I am ever grateful for the each moment in the day, you have come to my insane rescue.

Our friendship was the ultimate shoulder, there has been so much written about “ the shoulder” . Friendship, romance , the strength and the comfort. Songs boast of it.. singing,” put your head my shoulder.. whisper in my ear baby“...It’s remarkable the interpretation of words and what they mean to people. To me “ the shoulder” represents confidence in another, that your willing to share conversations , enjoy a moment , view the sunrise and erase all your troubles. It represents the essential ingredient trust in another. A shoulder gentle enough to dry away the tears , strong enough to listen and willing enough to care. Who could ask for more. I have rested my head on your shoulder, you have dried the tears and a moment enjoyed.


Matty said...

There is so much said about the eyes being the windows to the soul, and so much written about our heart.
What would we do without the shoulder to cry on? shoulders that will help you carry your burden? shoulders that will take on the complete load when you're unable to?
So many people have told me I had strong shoulders.....I really didn't...when the load got heavy, I just leaned on God! He did most of the work anyway.

Children with out voices said...

I hated when my husband told me I was strong, that I could handle everything. I wanted him once to see
that I needed to be held,to be comforted, to be understood. I wasn't so strong at times, I felt a part of me dying inside and I believe he stood by and watched those parts of me die.