Saturday, March 10, 2007



Music sets the mood or soothes the savage beast. In our home if our parents were playing music all was right with the world. Sometimes I think I am grasping as I try to remember the good times that were so sparse through out our lives. Music has been truly a comfort, entertainment and a complete joy. We were limited to what we were allowed to listen to at home. I can remember my second born sister rebelling and bringing home records that played, spunky upbeat rock and rhythm and blues. My father was furious with her. Many styles of music were not allowed or played in our household. As we reached out to the world we found a whole new place was waiting.

The last time the four of us girls were together was over twenty years ago, but the day stands out in my mind, maybe because some one video taped the event. Arm and arm we danced to New York New York. It was a special moment like being children all over again. It seems that when were together we could be ourselves and there was this magic about it all, we didn't talk about what went on in our lives we lived it and though each of us viewed it just a bit different, we all knew each of us was effected.

Somehow each of us came away with a love for a more simple way of life, we all loved to garden and animals and the magic of music and song. Until we all meet in the clouds, heres, to New York, New York..


Matty said...

Oh what memories you give me. About 20 years ago, my brother took a pic of me and my 3 sisters, how young and innocent we were then.That's the only pic that I have of all 4 girls.
And now that I clicked on New York, New York, I hope you heard me singing, I'm sure everyone in my town heard me! I love Frank Sinatra. The weekend before my brother died,,we had a party,,,and my brother loved to sing, and that night he sang all his favorites till, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin,all the country songs he loved the most. We had a night to remember,,,,its funny how music brings back such great memories. I'm glad that you can remember some good times.
They say that 'music soothes the savage beast' in us. Someone once told me that a house is not a home unless there is music playing, so when I get the chance, I crank up the music when I'm alone, and I sing and dance till I'm exhausted. So far nobody has called the cops or shot at me. It does help to live in the country.

Children with out voices said...

You should post the picture on your site of your brothers, I would enjoy that.Yes I am a big fan of Frank Sinatra as well, actually of so many styles of music.
I Love when you sing, I'll Join Ya!
>singing da da da da, da da da.......