Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Peace Of Mind


As I spoke with a friend about life and the problems of the world. He said we can’t fix them all and there are so many causes for the heartache. He said it is impossible to find the answers for them all and the negativity will bog u down. It is true that “ one grain
of sand does not build mountains .” I thought about my own internal response to life and the stress that each of us are met with. What brings the inner balance, what I call “Peace of Mind” I had written this some time back and I think it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

Peace of mind”
I had many times questioned on what initializes happiness. How can we maintain a plateau within our own minds that appreciates the moment of a day? Stress played a significant part in how we handle life. There is a certain amount of personal control that must be addressed. Maintaining goals which realistically can be met. Preparing for the unexpected and accepting who we are and where our life is leading.

The old adages that are so repetitively quoted , originated from the trail and err of many generations before us “ the grass is always greener” and “ the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” To first know what “Peace of Mind “ is , one must know what it’s like not to have just that “peace of mind.” Just how we handle the unexpected intensifies when we confront issues where the answers are not as evident.

Life and the living of life will always predispose us to the unknown and this stimulates the vulnerabilities that rest within each of us. There is a on going list that we can’t alter , sickness, accidents, loss of jobs etc, all these can so morph the state of mental peace within ones own internal being. This always takes us back to choices...The freedom to make choices is sometimes muddle by the fact that rarely is one life not some how dependent upon another ..

A social creature , we are always looking for a certain amount of acceptance , approval or praise. We identify ourselves on a social level by the clothes we wear, where we choose to live and our outward opinions. In many instances it is the classifying of a people. Separating the general populace by a fashion or verbal appearance, styles of music etc . Many people have given this power over their lives, allowing it to have such importance that it controls their own choices.

Preparation is the key of ones success ..like a detailed outline that prepares us for the old adage “ what can happen, will” or “Murphy’s law”. When partnered on a unbalanced level, it is almost impossible for each to understand what has prepped each individual for life. A emotional tired at a young age made me quite aware of the consequences of poor choices and not standing firm with ones own beliefs.

Peace of mind.. when you can lay your head on the pillow and justify your actions of the day, live within your means and accept what comes your way. When you can substantiate that your dreams are real and controlled by no other then but by your own hearts will. When you can accept the differences that meet at the cross road of life and realize the choices are not one of strife. Then you have met with “Peace of mind” and a rest there will be, when you lay your head upon the pillow and can peacefully be free.


Kathy said...

I love it!!!!!!!!

pat said...


Children with out voices said...

Thank you!!! There is no perfect situation, perfect human, perfect life, all of us are confronted with challenges. There was old adage a friend of mine use to say " That God only gives us as much as we can handle." When you see what so many people have to deal with you say to yourself where is the " scales of
justice"? What separates us as individuals, over a lifetime of listening to all the the problems that effect each individual or each family. I have come to one round about decision, that the only difference is how each of us handles the " test of life" no other difference separates us. For the pain that is carried is unique to each individual.
I was at a funeral where the woman wanted to jump into the grave with her husband another where the woman quietly sat and prayed and still others where tears and laughter came together to help them through a trial of life.
None of us are truly alone, somewhere, someone is experiencing a similar situation.
In Unity we gain strength!

Matty said...

For me, I have peace of mind, when I know that I have done everything possible to solve the problems I have, whatever they are. With the knowledge that I have done my very best, and know that there is nothing possible more that I can do, then I can give the problem over to God.
Finding peace is detachment.
Having realistic goals is important as well, learning our limits, making good choices, knowing that there are certain things you have no control over, and having true faith, that you can handle whatever happens with the help of God.

Casey said...

Ya ever think all this thinking shit gets ya in trouble, don't ya have like something ta be doing like cleaning house, or make yer man dinner. I give ya a c on your blog..

Children with out voices said...

You know what Casey your a big Ass, did you ever think your the major cause of rise in the divorce rate.
Get real!!!!!!!!