Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Live and Let Live


History proves there are no winners in a war. Looking back at the civil wars and some of the worst world wars, I asked myself “what was gained?” I shed many tears not for myself, but for mankind. How can people be so intelligent and so ignorant? Yet wars are so ever close to home, the social war that effects our children daily, drugs, alcohol, mental health. We fight to maintain freedom and to keep our youth out of the hands of tyranny.

I thought back to my teenage years and the Vietnam war. Many of our friends including my brother was drafted. I remember this one particular soldier who was a P.O.W. I purchased the bracelet to support the search for the lost soldiers and Srgt. William Powell was the soldiers whose name was on my bracelet. I searched for many years to see if he ever was found. Not until computers was I able to find the information. Srgt. William Powell was not one of the lucky ones he never made it back alive.

I do understand like a lioness who protects her cubs that if we are being attacked we have to protect those we love and defend ourselves. The question is are the reasons that people and countries choose to attack have any merit?

I use to paint the same picture when I was a little girl, each day I couldn’t wait to get to school and have my turn on the easel. Every day I would paint the identical picture with snowflakes falling down. The only difference between the paintings was the color of the snow, each day the snow was a different color, except for this one day it was rainbow. My third grade teacher wasn’t to impressed and failed me in Art. I laugh as I look back and think about getting an E in art. Though now as a adult, I can see that the varied colors represented the confusion in life, each color represented a emotion, Yellow snow was sunshine, blue a fair day and black a really bad day, a colorful rainbow was a mixture of emotion. It is clear that life isn’t always black and white, sometimes we do have to add a little color. There is way more to life, then a simple yes or no.

I remember thinking that we and I mean that as a whole the world as one would have advanced further in education more and less in violence. I had prayed that we would never see hand to hand combat or have men and women die for causes that are so gray in nature.

Is war truly about man fighting man? Or is there a much stronger evil that gains strength with ignorance. If you scan over the cause of war, you find that most of the reasons are of greed, religion and land or just plain pure evil.

"The hawk perched awaiting its prey, allowed me relatively close as it did not appear afraid. You have to appreciate its stance in the chain as it only kills what it needs to sustain, it doesn’t fight for money, religion or for land. There is a lot to be taught to the angered man. Natures natural selection is survival of the strong. I think as a people we are doing something wrong. "copyright 2005

There is no doubt in my mind where there is good there is evil. How else could we explain mans hatred for man, that people are willing to kill innocent people. My heart breaks for those who cannot see through my eyes. I have been told that it is naive to believe of a world of unity where respect for one another flourishes, where people can appreciate the differences and come together as one to better mankind. I liked to disagree, there are more good in the world and
some day we will unify.

My mother worked in a hospital, as she was assigned to the terminal ward she told stories of those who said they were atheist , she said there last dying words were “Oh God help me.” I always told my children that who ever first translated the bible they made a great error on two world God = Good and the Devil = Evil from the beginning of time Good and evil existed. We were given something special, a mind to reason and hands to perform. Life is about one thing and one thing only that is choice, for each of us on this earth have been the gift of choice.

I am saddened not for myself but for the future of my children, as far as man has come, he has not come far at all. Yet I know it is human nature the defense mechanism. If someone would dare to hurt my children I wouldn’t hesitate to defend them.

My daughter raised rats and there was truly a lot we learned from them. We learned that certain colors were more dominate and others carried a more violent gene. We saw that when the mother thought her babies were endanger, the once calm rat became hostile. We found that others were naturally calmer and made better pets, some smarter others more active.
Could some day genetic selective engineering, delete the hostile irrational gene from the human blood line? Could the paradise we dream of exist? Where the world works together to rid the darkness. How simple a statement “live and let live”.

One tear for every life that has fallen at the door of hell.


Matty said...

It is our tolerance of violence and violent behaviour that is the problem..They say there is a little bit of Idi Amin in all of us. We live in a violent world and at some point we must take responsiblity for it and for the 'individuals' it produces.

Tragiclly beautiful life said...

your site is very interesting...

MAHIMA said...

just discovered your site. its lovely, thoughtful and thought provoking.

Children with out voices said...

Dear Matty,
At times I felt as if I had a front row seat to violence and yet I know I am not alone. In the scale of justice I sometimes wonder where does this all even out. Greed and power, anger and hatred all end at the doorway to death and It comes to all of us.
A friend said to me as we walked through the hollow you have taught me to enjoy in life in a different way. Beauty in its natural state is quite simple, not until man toils with it does complications arise. I hope you and your family of a blessed and happy and health Easter!

Children with out voices said...

HI!Tragically beautiful life, thanks for stopping by to read.

Children with out voices said...

Dear mahima,
That is all I can hope for is to raise consciousness of the world around us. Sadly many fail to see or refuse to see, either way you look at it humanity as a long way to go. Thank you for the comment and remember that one by one we make a difference in the world..