Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rainy day Sundays


The simplicity of childhood thoughts, as adults we try to jump over the rain puddles, as a child we jumped into them in appreciation of the magic of a summer rain. Raising children in such a technological world are they missing the magic of imagination? Simple joys have been replaced, by television and video games. How will the children of today view their childhood as they look back? Speaking with other older people, I realized that so few children played in the rain, It was those children who had the least who appreciated the most. They are rarely selfish or greedy and they see the beauty in the world even as adults through child
like eyes.

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Little Wing said...

Though my kids live, now, in the techno-world that exists around them, I am so happy that they grew up with their toes in the dirt, and had the chance to climb trees. I do agree that we have lost a bit of our imagination. I remember when my sister and I used to play cowboys and indians and 'war', of all things. And we had make-believe houses made of pinestraw, and look-out towers in trees.