Friday, March 2, 2007


Look not with your eyes, allow the image through the
heart to clear the darkness and warm
the soul with love


The more I know, the less I wish I did "ignorance is bliss" a stand that many people take. Close
your eyes to that which does not come into your life. In the societal hierarchy, we are step upon step, one dependent upon the other. What places us in this division and how do we create a more universal bond? In the manifestation of a utopia , we would have to replace the ills , greed, violence and hatred with love.

Impossible a feat! would be the explanation of many, life is stress, we are over run with the poor, weak, old, sick and diseased. It is not necessarily how do we eliminate the problems? How do we manage those issues that are already here? Through education we can transform the world as we know it. Silence makes us all victims, only in voice can we come together to make a difference in the world. The future of our children depends on it.


david santos said...

Very nice, thank you

Children with out voices said...

Obrigado parando perto para ler meu blog, mim apreciam!

Matty said...

Education is power, and we must be the voice for those who cannot speak or willnot speak.
Yesterday I watched Oprah, and one of her guests was a football player who got to go to Harvard. Amazing when you find out that he came from a very abusive family. He said for many years, his father drank and physically and emotionally abused the 5 children. He said living in his house, was always walking on eggshells, and feeling 'like an un-wanted guest'.
I cried when he described his childhood.
He said being beaten constantly made him tough that he was able to excel in football and get a scholarship...but not too many are that lucky.

Children with out voices said...

It is wonderful when people can rise above a situation and succeed. It is why we must reach out to those who cannot. Let our strength lead those who lack the strength. "For weakness is not the crime, abuse is"