Friday, May 11, 2007

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road

I always said the Lord was shy when giving me patience, my sister said I don't believe that I have seen you with the babies in your arms and have seen no warmer and more patient mother.
I think life is just that a long and winding road. Where it leads, how we get there and how long it takes teeters on the bigger plan. No matter how good or bad life seems there is always something to learn from it.
Packing your bags add a little love it never runs out and will take you much further then you can ever imagine. I don't always think I carried out my responsibility to my children to the best of my ability, a little fear and insecurity seem to surface in my younger years. I remember telling my sons " I am growing and learning with you" The next time you think to holler take hold of that person and hold them close and give them a big hug. Amazing what a little love does.

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