Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Creator of Memories

Some call it baggage, others call it old luggage, memories.... good and bad that we carry through life. It is the internal and external components of character. Parents are granted such power, as we are instilled with a privilege to form the memories that a child will carry through life. What does it take to be a good creator? We need patience, for listening creates understanding. A good measure of love, as love will warm us on the coldest days. Unselfishness for the greatest gift you can give to your own child is a part of yourself.

Good Memories Through a Child's Eyes
Fun, friends, being happy, sharing, family,
swimming, eating, snowboarding, building
a tree house, shopping, playing........

Our job as parents is to make sure that whatever a child likes to do that it is done in a warm and safe atmosphere.

The foundation shall not support walls of limitation, but build upon the wall of freedom.


Matty said...

Your post brings back memories of my childhood. I don't remember much of my father, as he died when I was 11 years old..but what I do remember is his praise..when I read a book at his knee at 5 yrs old, before I entered school. I remember his praise when I won the medal for coming 1st in my class..or his praise when I won the spelling bee. Those things I remember well.
Children tend to remember the good positive praise they received even though I grew up in a poor environment...I remember the good teachers...kind words...warm hugs!
And so, I try to do the same with my grandkids...catch them when they are doing something good and praise them.....that...they will remember!
Positive influence goes a long way...negative influence can go a longer way.
Very thought-provoking post. Thank you.

Children with out voices said...

The most overworked and under appreciated career in the world is motherhood. To you Matty and all the mothers ......Happy Mothers Day!