Sunday, May 13, 2007


If it were that simple and
I could freeze the time,
you would be in my arms,
instead of in my mind.

I Woke up early to a cool morning, the windows open and the birds in symphony singing throughout the hills in such harmony. We have never had much of a tradition on the Mother’s day holiday. The younger children always make a gift or card at school and It is always so much fun to see what their imaginations have created this year. Sweater weather, you’ll need one in the morning but later in the day the sun will have burned off the chill.
I looked back at life and the path I was on, I can’t say that I imagined all that came to be. It’s not whether we have had a good or bad life, it is our ability to processes and function through times of crisis. As my sister says” life could have been better but it could have been worse. “ That is where the concept of " a day for day” comes into play. More then a day can be over whelming. I looked back and I can’t believe the years that have gone by. I believed that I walked a path meant for another, as very little of my dreams and desires had ever stepped up to the plate for a play and then I realize I stood at the crossroads many a time and choices were made.
Circumstance is the platform of which choice arises and occasionally we are sent on a detour to gain experience and information for the future. Ironically there is a time and place for everything,what I once looked upon as narrow focus, was the fluff in the bedding that prepares you for the future.
My new oil paints arrived and my son said "paint because you enjoy, not because it is going to sell." Hey! we are in reversal roles, I am being given advice by my son. It brought to mind one of the funniest moments, a canvas I was working on , I had just painted the sky blue and a little water, lol Ironically... placing into it a little turbulence. I had not come close to finishing the painting, but accidentally it was packed in with the work that was to be displayed. At the event everyone was rushing to set up and they pulled out the blue canvas and they said where do you want this one? I said that wasn’t supposed to be packed, place it in the back. Through out the day people stopped and read some of my writing and viewed the paintings and there was such commotion over a picture of nothing ............ ah that is so beautiful, hm I thought the canvas is blank, or was it? What appeared unfinished to me was interpreted by many in the most amazing ways, I even had another artist stop by and comment , she said it doesn’t need anything else. I laugh every time I think about it. It reminded me of the gallery at the Carnegie and my eldest son was looking at a contemporary piece and he said its a blue box, my two year old could paint that. Everything is based on interpretation and that varies for each individual. I had realized that some of my words reached large audiences because they could be widely interpreted. Some people would go about trying to analyze them to come up with my thoughts and others would give me their own insight to the work.

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