Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

No Greater Gift

Neglect and abuse is the worst betrayal of a mother to her own child, for she has been given the beauty of life. Intuitive or knowledge we have the ability to form like the soft clay of earth a child, one that will stand in the world to face what is sometimes a very cold place. Parents are the first set of teachers, for we give to the world hope, wrapped in the most precious of gifts.... our children.


pat said...

And to think how many children are born to mothers who do not have the tools themselves to nurture that precious gift from God. Happy Mother's Day.

Children with out voices said...

Thank you Pat! and Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

Children with out voices said...

As I read your comment.. I thought that is a chapter in itself, giving birth and parenting do not always go hand and hand. In a rural county we see thirteen year olds giving birth.. babies themselves. Education, prevention.. one child, one life, one moment, one day. A new law is being passed in Pennsylvania where anyone who knowingly looks on at child abuse will be found guilty of not reporting it the proper organizations. The punishement will be up to one year in prison. How many children might this save,if people start to think twice before turning their back on a child. Everything in life has pros and cons and I am not as much for punishement then for prevention and programs that will give parents the tools to make proper decisions. Like the song's a long long road and many.