Monday, May 14, 2007


I wrote a post and some how deleted it .. maybe it wasn't meant to be. It was about the sign of weakness, the vulnerability that we all meet up with. Illness, employment, finances, domestic abuse, isolation. I decided rather then rewrite it, that I would talk more about breaking the cycle and what we can do to deal with it. We are human and vulnerable to everything in the world around us. I find that we are sometimes beaten down and that more times then enough the old adage rings true " when it rains it pours."

op·ti·mism [op-tuh-miz-uhm]
1.a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.
2.the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world.
3.the belief that goodness pervades reality.
4.the doctrine that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds.

Self pity is not a strong trait and yet we find ourselves questioning why me? The Balance of life on the scales of justice should weigh out the negative and positive. Occasionally due to timing, the scale leans heavily to one side or another. I find the biggest problems are not necessarily why? but how how do we turn any given situation into a positive and what is expected of us and what are our limitations.? So many questions so few answers at times.
I found that for me I woke up at the age of ten and some may say I managed to get stuck at the age of ten. I was in fifth grade and it was another new school, once again the new little girl. I sat in a class of strangers and I glanced out the window. The blue bird caught my eye and I couldn't help but stare. Optimism... I thought it is the" blue bird of happiness. " My eldest son said" I am never optimistic, for if I think the worst and something positive happens then I will be grateful but if I think the best and it falls short, then is that much harder." I felt bad that he held a pessimistic view of life. But I understood the one two many falls and how much harder it is to get back up when your down.
There is no one book that has all the answers because no two situations are identical, like the people involved in each scenario there is positive side and a negative. I find myself caught in my sisters rule of giving advice, and then I find myself having to listen to what I have told others. I believe that the path as rocky as it can be is meant for each of us to travel. It reminds me of the lucky stones, the little white ones. We would spend days hunting for a lucky stone. That is the simplicity of life, a day for a day.
Have faith...... faith that tomorrow we will wake up and the sun will be shinning for when the sun no longer shines or we no longer wake up then worry.
Hold to Hope... that goodness will reign over evil, which means what goes around comes around, sooner or later we all meet our maker.
Embrace Love.... allow the passion for life warm your heart even on the coldest days, for to embrace hate only holds you down to the level of evil.
Know Peace.... for hell is allowing someone else's anger next to your spirit, allow peace next to theirs.
Believe in Dreams... to let go of a dream is to die and it's not time to die.

I know nothing about raising son's but here I am with five of them, I shared a blog that related to a issue my one son was going through. He said "what good comes from knowing that someone else shares in the same pain" I said it is not
n knowing that we share in the same issues of life, but that we survive through some of the same kinds of problems.

Survivors are not the rare breed....
just the most likely to be


pat said...

I have spent the last week worrying about things that may or may not materialize. Your words this morning really touched on a lot of emotions I have been feeling lately. I have always been one of those people who allowed the negative take over any positive in a situation and thus filled myself with the pointless feelings of a mind filled with the clutter of anxiety, panic and worry. I do not know how I got this way or when. Maybe, I have been like this all my life. But, I have been trying to change this pattern of thinking because if I allow the positive to come into my mind then the negative has no choice but to be pushed out. There is no room for both.

Children with out voices said...

My mothers favorite line was " If you think you have it bad, someone else has it worse" the truth is we are not on earth to compare demons,we all fight them at one time or another. For each of us has our own personal hell and it is like no other.
Three women were volunteering and each telling a story of something that was detrimental to them, one was a woman who's child was ill another was dealing with an alcoholic and abuse and still one was discussing her financial problem. As difficult as it was for each of them the problems they had to face, each one looked at me and said I would hate to be in her shoes, the other woman said I would hate to be in her shoes and so on.
Imagine we knew the hour of our death, how would we live our life? At any moment our time on earth could be up.... so wish I was the first to say it .. but I can't take credit for this "live each day as if it were your last"