Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nature or Nurture

The great debate nature or nurture? The nature versus nurture debates concern the relative importance of an individuals innate qualities versus personal experiences individual differences in physical and behavioral traits. It is possible that there is a blend of nature and nurture and it need not be one or the other. The more we study genetics, the more we realize that the blue print indeed exist and still we understand the importance of mother to child bonding, or child to care giver.
Every answer to ever question exist in the world around us, we have to take the time to look. May is my celebratory month for my first year of having a drivers license. I get to places faster now and experience moments that I would have never had before, but I don't regret the struggles to get that point.
It was 9 years ago that I walked fourteen miles round trip to town. I had to get there to make a mortgage payment on the house. As I walked the miles that I have previously been a passenger on, I saw that same path very different. There are many more hills then you recognize driving but there is also so much beauty that you never take the time to see. I never noticed the white country land fence with the apple tree bent reaching for the sun. I stopped picked two apples and continued on my way. The sound of the crows cawing in the distance and the hawk perched waiting for a rabbit to enter the field all to seem blend into natures most beautiful and neglected masterpiece. A canvas in motion, a wave to the farmer, a glimpse at a doe and her spotted fawn. Magical it was this journey I tread, tiresome a struggle on every hill and bend.
I stopped for a rest down by the stream and ponder on the struggles of life and what they all mean. Life is a diamond with facets of many, reflections of light for each a new beginning. Memories accumulative , one building upon another to create a individual with character like no other. Similar are the emotions felt through out life and on every page in a story shadows of happiness and strife.

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