Friday, July 13, 2007

The Beatles [Live]:

There are so many ways a person is controlled, as a child, we were very restricted in many ways, music was one of them. I listen in awe as I hear songs for the first time that was from the era we grew up in. The sixties was a transitional time, with many changes.. Music comes with a diverse ability to stir emotion, from laughter to romance, to memories...and best yet the ability to create a new moment.
It was the times, girls didn't wear jeans, the beatles music was off limits, you could open a bottle of pop on a telephone pole and street cars took you into town for ten cents. A friend his favorte quote use to be "ignorance is bliss" he used to say knowing and not able to make a difference is worse then not knowing anything..... hmm.. When you let go of the child in you, you have surely died.... smiles, laughs and dances to the beatles..Sings...all my loving!

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