Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's ok to be me

The power of words, they can lift you up to the clouds and make you feel like a queen or they can pierce through your heart with such negativity that it erodes your self respect. I was never tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough and the list goes on. I felt always as if I had to be on the defense all the time. I am not really sure what happen, and sometimes like a bad game of chutes and ladder's I sometimes slip back into old mode of thinking.
I am not sure exactly the sequence of events that allowed me to feel a certain amount of self acceptance. I think it was a combination of timing, age, friendship and a understanding of mental health issues and how they effect a whole family. But I know it's ok to be me!
I have many challenges to tackle in my life, I still battle thoughts of wanting to runaway on a daily basis. I know that where ever I go, what ever I do , my thoughts, my emotions and my battles will follow. I promise myself that I would stand up for what is right, that I would make a difference in peoples lives. A lot has to do with the children, their stability has been the utmost of importance, that they had a chance to break the cycles and have a stronger foundations as they journey out into a new life for themselves.
I feel split and spread in different directions, what is right for me, what is right for the children and what is right for all involved as a family.

It's Okay To Be Me

I'll never be taller then five foot two,
and my eyes will never be brown,
they will always be blue.

I don't need to dye my hair, unless
I don' t like what I see in the mirror.

Weight on , weight off, heavy or thin,
it's okay to have a treat, ice cream
is not a sin.

Curls in the hair or washed and dried
straight, it ok to be me and not be a

To sing and dance and dream and soar,
no walls of brick or locked metal doors.

It is ok to smile and surely to laugh
and I treasure each moment in case
it's my last.

It's ok to believe that tomorrow will
bring a new path to follow and a new
journey to begin.

It.s okay to be me, to live and to love
and to feel the happiness returned
on the flight wings of a dove.

It's okay to be me, I am not perfect
it's true, but with good thoughts and
a warm heart, it will just have to do.

I think that if everyone viewed their being as one with the world around them, accepted what is, for as long as we don't shame or aim the words that would bring pain to another, then we have accomplished in bringing
a little love into another's life. Becareful what you aim at another it has a cruel way of returning........when you least expect it.

Before you condemn, criticize or find fault,
take a step back and put the daggers to a halt.

Take a look in the mirror and look real hard ,
before you point fingers and tear others apart.

Look at your heart, glance at your soul, view
the emptiness that surely took hold.


Mark said...

There is so much wisdom in what you write. "To Be" that is the greatest of lessons and sometimes to most difficult to learn.
Blessings of love and peace!

Children with out voices said...

The Mirror never lies, especially when the reflection is your soul..... Thank you and peace to you as well.