Wednesday, July 4, 2007


It is very difficult to look in the mirror after we have faltered and accept responsibility, it is much easier to place blame on someone else. This is one of the weaknesses of human nature. To blame, to place the responsibility upon another in a form of an accusation. This is our way of ridding ourselves of guilt, we pass it on to some one else, when truthfully it matters so very little why something has occured,or who is truly responsible, as it is to prevent a negative issue from reoccuring. We have the ability to revamp or as they say to recreate the path we are traveling. The truth is that most things that happen in our life are based on a simple yes or no answer. It is that simple, then why is it so difficult to
get beyond our mistakes?

I reviewed a response to the year 2oo5 when many decision were coming into play in my life. I really wouldn't have thought to reread except that someone had found it and sent it on to a friend, so I looked it over, at where I was standing two short years ago.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Decisions, those nasty little choices that keep popping up through the day. Clouded in judgment over the years I found that sheltering which is portrayed as a protectiveness is quite the opposite, it does very little to promote a foundation where growth can flourish. Stagnant life becomes a mere existence, rather then a contribution of self to the world around us. I battle the years of regression as I tackle each moment in the day to gain independence of thought and allow my inner self to reach its full capacity. The long journey had planted seeds of self doubt which have rooted within .You can imprison the body , setting limitations upon ones abilities . But you can’t hold on to the spirit within, that seeks to soar the heavens. The minds capabilities are unlimited. Finding the strength to not question what it is the heart feels and allowing freedom to overcome all obstacles.The strains of indeciveness grips when I least expect it.I find that I need stimulation and constant reminders to encourage the journey forward. Hungry for the contact that comes with reaching out beyond the perimeters set in place many years ago. I find each person I come in contact with is a lesson in life and fuel for the days ahead

My mind battles fiercely with my heart and soul.My heart to the wind to feel your embrace, my soul beside you as we journey in place.

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