Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bob Dylan - The Times they are A-changin' -1965

Many ways we relate when we have grown up in a particular era. I heard I heard the phrase many times, but never really comprehended it " the generation gap." The problems my mother faced were unique to that time frame, when divorce wasn't heard of and well a woman's place was in the home, I think for my generation, we were tested with extreme change in motion. Freedom was coming to both women and minorities. I look at the my children and the times they are growing up in, it is filled with the pros and cons that we all met up with, packaged a little differently.
When one of the children would say not me....... our response would me "Never say never" Times they are a changing. In every time period you will see both good and bath. To much freedom is like giving people a rope to hang themselves, stifle them and creativity is crushed. Is there a middle ground? I really don't know, simply because if your living life your experiencing both the good and bad of it all.


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