Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Threats the tools of control used to sow the seeds of fear.
threat (thrět) Pronunciation Key n.

1.An expression of an intention to inflict pain, injury, evil, or punishment.
2.An indication of impending danger or harm.
3.One that is regarded as a possible danger; a menace.
Threats, which will be carried out and which are being used to restrain the spirit, no matter how they are construed they are abuse.
"If you think of leaving me, I will cut you body into little pieces and spread them over the mountain where no one will find you. Sounds like a threat to me...


Matty said...

I think I've seen abuse in most forms,,sometimes emotional abuse can be worse than physical abuse.
Just like a dog,,,,,,once you break his spirit, he will never be whole.

Children with out voices said...

Indeed a broken leg heals,the mind is much slower in this progress.