Sunday, February 4, 2007

In a Childs Eyes

The temperatures have dipped down into the single digits. Overslept, I was awakened by the scream of the well. I looked at the clock it was 6:30 the fire had long since burned out and the well frozen for sometime.
Flash backs from youth to my present day situation, a chill came over me as I saw how they often paralleled. I never had a gas furnace growing up, we had this little space heater, that kept the house from being the same temperatures as outdoors. An older home, was well over a hundreds in standing. I mention this particular house as home, as I hadn't stayed in
ten or so houses long enough to consider them home.
The windows always had such condensation built up on them, that full sheets of ice covered them from top to bottom. The few months of the year that the north east regrets.
I remember visiting my grandmother she has a gas furnace, I can't remember the first time
I heard the furnace kick on and heat blow from the floor duct. I quickly felt the heat and the sound soothed me like a baby being sung to sleep. The little things a person does to escape their present situation. Indeed, I was often called a day dreamer. I never quite remember my grandmother referencing me by my name. If she did call out a name, it probably would have been the wrong one. It wasn't uncommon for her to not know which one of us girls it was, as famly said we all looked alike. Yet we were so different down to the color of hair, height and eyes.
It's cold, I don't want to get dressed. I pull the blankets back over my head and wonder how I
allowed myself into a position that so resembled the past or did it. In some ways it is worse.

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